No playback sound with NotePerformer

NotePerformer played back great last night, but today it stopped playing and no matter what I try, there is no sound. Clicking a note gives the sound and I can see in the NP mixer that the sounds are coming from NP. All volume levels are correct in the NP mixer and Dorico’s mixer. NP template is chosen as playback and it is set as default in the Preferences. I restarted Dorico and the computer, nothing helps. Any ideas?

This happened yesterday when i played around with video as well, suddenly NP stopped playing back, only the Video sound was still there.

You’ve tried Play > Playback Template, choosing ‘NotePerformer’ from in there, and clicking OK?

Yes. I also did a reset on NP’s mixing panels, nothing helps.

I loaded the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template, Halion loads, but no playback sound either. So maybe it’s not NP related? Then what could it be?

Hi Andre - are you getting any sound from itunes, videos etc.?

I got it to work by exporting the flow and importing it into a new project. What ever was wrong, this fixed it. Yes, sounds for every other app worked normally. I updated Sibelius this afternoon. (sorry…), maybe that did something?


I have had more success not trying to ‘apply’ NP3 to an existing score - even with the two parameters changed to ‘welcome’ it.

It always seems to work for me when I set a new score up with the correct parameters for NP and then - if necessary - paste (Cmd-C → Cmd-V) the ‘old’ score into that new ‘template’.

It certainly shouldn’t be necessary to do this. If you have a specific score that is not working then please post here (even just a reduced form of it) so we can take a look at what’s happening.

If there’s no sound output, the first thing I do is open Dorico preferences and change sample rate (to anything) and then back to 44100 Hz.

That seems to reset the audio engine. Or at least it’s brought back sound for me on several occasions, when audio wasn’t working.

Thanks for this, Paul!

In fact, I’m quite happy to go through the procedure - because, once I switch to NotePerformer 3, I expect always to Set up my Players at the beginning of a composition anyway. This was Set up from a few weeks before Dorico 2.

I know it’s not this case, as Dorico compositions where I Setup (all) players first work just fine with NP. Possibly a variant of this.

File attached, where, you’ll see (I hope) that NP 3 is loaded and instantiated; but the Players are not in its Mixer…

Alto Trombone + Piano Eb (319 KB)

I, too, am having the exact same problem. I imported a music XML score I had previously done in Sibelius, assigned NotePerformer in Dorico to play it, when I click on individual notes I definitely get sound, but when I play I get “nothin’”. I’d be happy also to send my score (I tried messaging it to you directly but it wouldn’t accept a “.dorico” file (?))…

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Actually, resetting in Play->Play Template got it to work for me. LOVE NotePerformer3 - I dare say that after trying for years to get midi controller editing (Piano Roll style, etc.) possible in notation programs, this almost gets rid of even the need (at least for me, since I still do final mock-ups, demos, and finished product in Logic, and only need a problem like Dorico to “check” things, etc.)…Pretty damned impressive I have to say (time to study this thing more!)…

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I have this problem of no audio in a specific project. Unfortunately it’s a hobby engraving of some John Williams so I can’t share the file, but:

You could delete the music and share the file. All the routing aspects of the file would remain and then troubleshooting is still possible :wink:

I just had a student accidentally press alt S and thereby muting NP in the mixer.
Could that be it?


Good idea!
file in question:
HA_forum.dorico (546.8 KB)

Thanks. I’ve been able to have sound, but that was really STRANGE. Please, Daniel or any dev from your gold team, have a look at that file, the bug is there and it’s so strange.
I opened your file, added some random notes on all those staves, and NP is playing them. But nothing comes out of the Output track in the mixer. I checked the compressor, and the signal is there, but nothing out ! Then I moved the Output fader, and there came the signal… There’s something wrong here, but I could not say what it is.

Yes, tried the same things.


This works.

  1. Quit Dorico.
  2. Find the affected project in the Finder or in Windows Explorer.
  3. Make a copy of the affected project so that you’re not tinkering with the original.
  4. Change the file extension of the project from .dorico to .zip. Confirm that you want to do this when the operating system asks you whether you’re sure.
  5. Unzip the zip archive: on Mac, you can simply double-click it; on Windows (which I don’t have access to right now) I believe you can right-click and choose to uncompress a compressed folder.
  6. Go into the folder that has been created: it will contain four items, one of which is a folder called supplementary_data. Go inside this folder.
  7. Delete the vstaudioengine folder from inside the supplementary_data folder.
  8. Now go back to the folder that contains four items (e.g. score.dtn, scorelibrary.dtn, etc.), but NOT the parent folder, i.e. the folder that contains these four items.
  9. Select these four items (again, NOT by selecting the folder that contains these four items), right-click and choose to archive (Mac) or compress (Windows) them.
  10. A new zip archive called something like will be created. Change the filename and the extension from .zip to .dorico.
  11. Now open up your fixed project in Dorico and see how it does. Maybe you have to first go to Play Mode and choose Play > Playback Template again in order to load the default sounds again.


Originally from @dspreadbury

Well, in the end, moving the Output fader gave me sound… just wondering whether it makes sense to fiddle with the files if the solution is so easy. Or can it bring other problems later?