No playback through monitors

Hi guys,
I am running Cubase Elements 7, with OSX version 10.9 through a Zoom R16.
I can record with no issues, but when I playback I get no audio through the monitors running through my Zoom.
If I change my VST audio system back to built in audio I can then hear the tracks through the computers speakers.
If cubase isn’t opened the computers audio plays through the Zoom and the monitors, but as soon as I change my VST connections to the Zoom, the monitors die.
Any help would be appreicated thanks

Shot in the dark - I learned the hard way recently that after recording a track, you have to un-click the track monitor icon to hear it on playback.

I had tried that thanks, still no luck though.

Sounds like a configuration issue.

Have you checked that your audio device’s I/O is properly configured?