No Playback when I hit the Space Bar or Play Button

Hi there,

I just downloaded Dorico 3 and I am running into a playback problem.

I am not hearing any playback when I hit the space bar or the play button. When I notate an individual note on a bar I hear the playback of that note while I place it. I also hear sound coming from the MIDI keyboard as I play the piano.

  • I am using NotePerformer 3 for my playback
  • I have made sure my scarlet 2i2 is the same bit rat and sample rate
  • I see the meters levels move when I plave a note on the staff or play the MIDI keyboard
  • I do not see any meter or level change when I hit the play or space bar
  • I made sure the VST template setting is set to Noteperformer 3
  • The VST plugins on the right of the Play Tab are set to NotePerformer 3
  • The instruments are all set correctly to NotePerformer 3
  • The computer sound settings are all correctly set

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling already and it still has not fixed.

Please send help if you have any idea why I cannot hear a full score playback.

Hi Christian, welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.
Try following: Go to Edit > Device Setup and in that dialog change to a different sample rate, wait a few seconds and change it back. Then close the dialog and try playing back. Still nothing happening? If so, then please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report, which silently creates a zip file on your desktop. Please attach that here. Thanks

I expect Ulf and co will quickly be able to determine the cause but if not, I’m happy to try out the score with NotePerformer 3.3 on my machine if you like to attach it here.