No playback with new Voicemeeter driver

Good day all,

I’m a bit of a novice with Cubase Elements, but got to grips with it last summer thanks to the help of some other posters here.

I’ve recently switched from using an ASIO4ALL driver to a Voicemeeter audio driver. This is because I am using two mics for the first time, and have found it much easier to set them up using Voicemeeter (just a couple of clicks)

However, although the Cubase recording has been successful, I find myself unable to listen to playback on any tracks whatsoever (including the pre-existing ones). The selected output on Cubase is the VM driver, which in turn is linked to my headphones. With the Voicemeeter software open, I am able to hear any sounds as they happen live the microphones. Unfortunately, all audio through Cubase is silent.

Is anybody familiar with Voicemeeter? Alternatively, could anyone please suggest what could be going wrong? I would be most grateful for any help on the matter since, as I said, I’m not familiar with using either the software or the drivers.

Many thanks.