No preset audition sounds in HALion Sonic 7 plugin

When I’m searching for a sound in HALion Sonic 7 (Cubase 12 pro) I hear nothing. I have to double click and load the preset to see whether I like it or not, this is a little time wasting…
Any solutions anyone…?

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Did you ever find a way? I don’t see something so obvious anywhere in the manuals.

This would seem to be something so obvious and needed in a platform like Halion should be easy to turn on and off. I always seem to find the weird quirks then waste an hour or more looking for how to do something like audition a preset.

I am in the stand alone version, just upgraded to Halion 7 and can’t believe you have to load them in to a slot.

I guess this is why Native Kontrol :wink: - as some folks build out the NKS versions which then have sample files generated. So, I guess I need to open and spin that up in Native Kontrol.


It’s a crazy one, so crazy that I spent ages trying to find out how to preview the presets and was convinced that I had done so before, I had got confused with the Kontakt software which does this as you’d expect… Yes hopes are that they address this It’s only a couple of secs to load to a slot but it all adds up and is annoying…