No Products after PC Reset

I’m Korean, not good at English, so the sentences may be awkward… sorry.
And I don’t know I can post this QnA… but I’m urgent

I bought Audient Evo4, and with the code that audient gave I used Cubase LE.(The code included Retrologue2)
And a few days ago my pc had a problem so I formatted the pc, and I tried to install Cubase.
But there was no products in my account(Account - Products - Show eLicenser-based products).
I tried to redeem the code again, but with dre-415 error I couldn’t.
I clicked all the buttons in the screen(Account - Products), and there was nothting about cubase.
I downloaded Steinberg Download Assistant, and there was Retrologue 2… strangely.
There’s no time limit in products as far as I know, but how can it be?
Plz let me know how to restore my cubase…

Make sure that you’re signed-in to the correct MySteinberg account.

Please contact your local distributor if you need help recovering your lost license: