No products found on this eLicenser

I’m trying to download Cubase 9.5 on my hp Pavilion dv6. I have downloaded the eLicenser Control Center and i have entered my activation code and have received the soft eLicenser serial number *****98159-*****15659 but when i got to My Products on and looks under eLincerser i get the message saying “Soft-eLicenser: *****61209 *****A4AC9 No products found on this eLicenser.”

Did this ever get resolved? I’m having the same issue.

I’m dealing with this too. Im emailing the customer service but I havent heard anything back. I just don’t understand what’s wrong. I downloaded everything, have all the codes and registration but the activation code just doesn’t go through. Ill let yall know if we figure it out.

The code the OP gives us looks more like a registration code than an activation code. A Steinberg activation code is 8 sets of letters and numbers. Make sure that it’s what you enter when in the eLicenser Center. You get an activation code after you created an account and enter the registration code you got with the product.