"No products found on this eLicenser"

Installed the 10 Pro, trying to register. The webpage says under my USB elicenser:

No products found on this eLicenser.

Below this looks like an empty line with the word Delete and x mark. Could it be that my license is kind of there, just… invisible?

Cubase 10 does show in my eLicenser USB section in the eLicense Center. I did maintenance before and after. And re-registered the dongle like 20 times now.

Cubase 10 works fine.

I have a related issue: I have been using Cubase 6.5 on Windows 7 and have bought and downloaded an update to Cubase Artist 10 on a new PC using Windows 10. CB 6.5 opens o.k. and its license, on a dongle, is recognised. When I try to open CB 10, or go to the e-Licenser Control Centre, and enter the Activation Code for the CB 10 update, I get a message to say there are no licenses that can be updated. Unlike Nuieve’s experience above, CB 10 doesn’t show up in my e-Licenser or work fine . . or at all. What am I doing wrong here? How can I get it to register the license for the CB 10 update and allow me the use of the programme?

I have the same issue as Nuieve.

Cubase is registered in eLicense Control Center and working with no issues, but does not appear in online account. USB eLicenser is registered but “no products found on this eLicenser” message appears, little x and everything.

Unfortunately, there is a known Problem with MySteinberg at this moment. We are investigating the root of this problem and will try to solve it ASAP. Sorry about that. We will try to update you on this as soon as we get Feedback.

Thank you for the quick response! Hope it’s an easy fix.

I have the same problem.

Yes, everyone will have this problem. No worries, Cubase works and MySteinberg will be updated as soon as the issue is fixed.

Bought this product, spent hours yesterday to load the software and get the e licence loaded and it wouldn’t, and you say “no worries” :roll_eyes::thinking::thinking: not good enough!! As a new user/customer I expected better!! let alone the dreadfull installation instructions of the whole application/Software, please do something to rectify this issue and restore my faith in Steinberg!!

I have to say I am very much in sympathy with adyjevans on this. Having spent money on the product - albeit at a welcome discounted rate - I found the information about both the contents of the download package and the installation process very poorly explained This meant that when I was found that my existing license did not permit the upgrade that was advertised and that I’d paid for (after hours spent trying to get it to work) I assumed that I had done something wrong or failed to carry out a necessary step. A request for advice from Steinberg Support has yet to be answered, so it’s only by raising the issue on this forum that I find out that the fault lies at the Steinberg end - still with no assurance about how long it will be before I can use the programme.

Steinberg has the contact details of everyone who has bought this product. At the very least they might have contacted purchasers with an apology and a statement of what they were doing about it. A bit of proactive customer service goes a long way. Will they notify us personally when the issue is resolved, or do we have to find out by trial and (repeated) error until the license is recognised?

I am sorry that the product you have bought does not match the license you have! We are doing our best to answer these cases as soon as possible.
But please understand that the issue that is discussed here is nothing but a display issue in MySteinberg. It was possible to use Cubase 10 at all times. The eLicenser Control Center shows the correct license and updates and upgrades were completed successfully. Rest assured that if no one was able to use the product just bought, there would have been different measures and statements.

BTW, the issue has been found and fixed and the new Cubase 10 licenses should be visible during the next five to six hours in every affected account.

Thanks, Ed! 24 hour turn around time is great for me. Much appreciated :smiley:


Thank you team for fixing the issue quick. All is fine now. Now I can sleep assured my dog won’t run away with my Cube license.

‘The issue has been found and fixed and the new Cubase 10 licenses should be visible during the next five to six hours in every affected account’

Ed, I’m afraid this does not apply to the update from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase Artist 10 that i have bought and downloaded, and I’m still having a real problem getting it to recognise the license. My CB 6.5 works fine (on Windows 10) and the eLicenser Control Centre identifies the license. However, when I enter the new Activation Code - either when trying to open Cubase 10 or into the Control Centre dialogue box - i get a message that I don’t have a license that can be upgraded.

I’ve raised this with Steinberg Support and been told that I’ve bought the wrong product (Artist 10) and should have gone for Pro 10. However, Steinberg’s advertising - and the receipt for my purchase - quite clearly say that I have bought 'Cubase Artist 10 Update from Cubase Artist . .6.5/ . ’

Can anyone explain why I the CB 10 Activation Code fails to recognise my existing license or insert a license permitting use of CB 10? Have i missed out a crucial step in the download / installation process? Is my existing CB 6.5 the wrong version and therefore not compatible with the update I’ve bought - If so, how can I check? As you can imagine, I’m finding all this extremely frustrating. I may be at fault in a way I don’t understand, but from here it looks like a very disappointing service from Steinberg.

Simply open the Elicenser Control Center and observe how your Cubase 6.5 license is named. Is it Cubase Artist, or just Cubase?

Steve, I think you have identified the snag, and I’ve sent a note to Steinberg Support to check. My current license is for ‘CB 6.5’ (not ‘Artist 6.5’). Looking back at the sales material, I now see that the advertised update to Cubase Artist 10 specifies Artist 6.5, whereas the advert for Cubase 10 Pro is the one that permits upgrade from CB 6.5. If this is the reason I can’t access the CB 10 that I’ve downloaded, then I admit the error. I am, of course, overcome with embarrassment and shame at having sounded off about Steinberg’s customer service but, in my defence, the postings on this forum about licensing problems that others had experienced left me thinking that the glitch was at the vendor’s end.

I hope to be able to arrange the purchase of the correct update, in sure and certain faith of recording to come.

Ed Doll actually identified it above.

You need to contact the store, asknet.de. Refer to your receipt for the contact info.

I understand your embarrassment, you can avoid this next time by reading the materials a tiny bit more carefully, and also being a shade more reluctant to pile onto the stream of complaints, many inaccurate, that result from the noxious IMDBF :wink: :smiley:

I wonder whether it would be worth Steinberg developing the option to submit details of the licences on the machine at the time of transaction to the online store, so that the store could display the upgrade options open to the user. This would have to be an optional alternative to the current system. as the transaction might be taking place on a different computer to a soft eLicenser or without a USB eLicenser being available.

Best of luck getting it sorted out, Baz.

Yes, that is exactly what we dream of too! It’s just not that easy to implement.

So today is the 21st, and I’m having this same problem. I thought it was because I didn’t have the USB dongle, which is sold out all over the place.

What are you trying to upgrade from, what upgrade have you bought and what Cubase licence(s) does eLicenser Control Center display?

If you are trying to upgrade to Cubase Pro or Cubase Artist from Cubase Elements, Cubase AI or Cubase LE, you need a USB eLicenser. You cannot have a Cubase Pro or Cubase Artist licence on a Soft eLicenser.

If you have bought the wrong upgrade you will get the “No products found on this eLicenser” error, though there are other possible causes.