NO Quick controls for NI Maschine / Kontrol users?

I can setup Maschine mk2 and my KK S49 (Komplete Kontrol) keyboard with Track QC’s or VST QC’s.

Right away the S49 will work on VST QC’s. It will NOT work on track QC’s, at all.

I’ve tried arming the track, using an audio track OR an FX track, my S49 will NOT work for Track QC. I setup all the knobs via Learn so I KNOW without a doubt MIDI is getting to cubase.

Maschine won’t control EITHER QC section - Track OR VST! Setup with Learn, double checked, applied, hit OK, etc etc.

Did this a few times. Why won’t any of the Track QC’s recognize my controllers? The setup recognizes them, sets the channel & the CC number right away! but no luck using it. I see an on/off button, I’ve tried turning the Auto R/W buttons on / off… nothing.

Cubase: 9.5.3
win 7 x64 - i7 2600 - 24GB ram - Sabertooth Z67