No Quicktime or Direct Show in Cubase 5

Hi, i have just upgraded to Cubase 5, doing film scoring. my Device Setup does not show Quicktime or DirectShow in the Video Player devices… only “Onscreen Window” comes up, reseting does not work, no options for loading in quicktime etc… both quicktime and Direct show are installed on the computer… any help? thx in advance.

Which version of Cubase 5 is it?

A while ago the folks at Steinberg had a huge idea and decided to only support QuickTime. If you want to use something else, you must convert the file. Hence no need to show multiple options either. Sometimes, even with videos that QuickTime Player plays happily Cubase gives an error saying the file is invalid. Usually (but not always) reimporting the video file solves it. No idea what causes it.


I’ve found it helps to always have the latest version of Quicktime installed. Many disagree with the decision to revamp the video handling, but as a dual-platform application, I can understand the reasoning behind the decision. Cubase is not primarily a video application and most people who work in video will already have lots of options for converting to Quicktime, so OK, I’m cool with that.

Hi, ended up going back to original install of cubase 5 because every update stops video capability in its tracks (no pun intended). can’t load in an .mpg… gives the “file not supported” error, and even if you ignore and click “open”, nothing happens…the original install is fine… its an issue with the updates on my end…i’ve updated to 5.5.2 and same problem…any thoughts? thx…

ha haaaaa - you were right -ended up being simple update of quicktime! (thought i had done this previously…) aargh

thx for help!