No recording possible

Dear all,

After using Pro tools for several years I’m thinking of switching to Cubase.

I recently got a laptop with Windows 10 and before buying for Cubase Artist, I figured it was worth trying Cubase Element just to see if Cubase software and avid products (I have a mbox3) are matching.

So this is the background, so far Cubase sees and seems to communicate with the mbox.
But I cannot manage to get anything recorded.

I plugged my guitar, as I play I see the signal going up and down, I can even hear myslelf playing when I hit the yellow speaker button of the track.
But when I hit the red record button nothing is actually recording…
I can see the track’s signal going up and down but there’s nothing getting recorded into the small window.

Is anybody has any clue on what’s going on ?

Thank you in advance


Are you activating the “record enable” function on the track and hitting the “record” button on the transport?

Also, don’t forget to turn off the track “monitor” function to hear what you recorded.

Regards :sunglasses: