No recording

As soon as i hit star to record, nothing happens!!

Hi Willie

I’m assuming this is a question ?

Sorry you’re having issues - I’d strongly suggest you provide a lot more detail if you want somebody to help.


Yes. I’ve been working with my DAW for some time.
When I tried to record the other day, everything was fine, my keyboard signal was healthy on the meter.

When I pressed the star on my keyboard to start recording (I was in HALion sonic SE) the sound went silent and there was no sound.
The track is armed and the channel turns red but there’s no notes played.

Please help

Thank you


As far as I understand, you are using Instrument track. So is there any MIDI Input, what kind of? Can you see the MIDI data is coming/writing to the track? Can you see the meters on the track?

Hi Martin,

Yes I’m using an instrument track.

The midi input is healthy as long as I play on the track.
My input from Roland Keyboard is healthy and I can see the midi signal on the meter.

But - as soon as I press the star button on my PC keyboard, the sound and input meter go silent and no data is written on the track.

Thank you


On the track, you don’t see the input meters, you see the audio return output.

Can you see the incoming signal (blinking MIDI Channel number) in HALion Sonic SE in the slot? Can you see the virtual keyboard of the HALion Sonic SE is moving when you play?

Yes everything is moving on the keyboard and the input meters are moving.
But when I hit the record button it goes silent and nothing moves!


What do you mean by input meter, please?

Is the keyboard moving and can you see the incoming MIDI Message lets (blinking MIDI Channel in the HALion Sonic SE) while recording, please?