no render in place in elements 9.5?????

hello i a problem i cant understand why there is no ‘render in place’ in cubase elements 9.5.30,and when you go to export you dont have the same options has before …it gives you just stereo or mono mix of the whole instrument and not individual tracks whats going on,what happens with an vst like groove agent /halion does that mean you have to export 1 track at a time???

Neither Render in Place, nor Batch export have never been features of any Cubase elements version.

Upgrade to Pro version and you will have it all.

hello thanks for that but i meant it was in 5/6/7 not elements you are correct,but what about the export function on multiple outs like groove agent???.. plus i misunderstood i thought elements 9.5 would be more like cubase 5 and sx which i used for years i had no idea that it actually is a stripped down version!!!

hello again…so if i am using groove agent and halion how do i export or covert the data to single tracks…??? i am so used to cubase 5 and sx 3 structure

Export one track aftr the other.

Had you bought SX 3 and Cubase 5? Simply from the price of purchase it should be quite obvious that this can not be the case…

wow really …ok i see thanks for your help i did actually think of that but i was hoping there was another way, anyway thanks for making it crystal clear lol…i defintley bought the wrong software damn!!!

bought sx 3 friends borrowed copy of 5 lol

You could always upgrade. Still a few days left of 40% off.