No repeat sign in slash region?

I am creating a few lead sheets and have the problem that I can’t put in repeat signs into a slash bar. Is this a bug? I highlighted a chord and tried to put in a repeat sign… but that dissent work… why?

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It’s not a bug as such but it’s certainly not very helpful! Show the caret at the position where you want the repeat to appear, and you should find it gets created at the position of the caret.

Thanx for your answer…and sorry … what is the “caret”?


Wow such a simple thing… so many questions:

  1. And sth else: when I enter a note in the slash region is also not displayed… is this not automatically changed to a "note region "?

  2. When I enter a repeat bracket “1.” sign into a system there is immediately a second repeat bracket sign “2.” is created … somewhere where I dont want it to be … can I stop that somehow?

  3. when I go to engrave mode and put it somewhere manually , it is strangely removed when I enter a system break…what is the logic behind that?

  4. How do I change the number that ist displayed in the repeat bracket? in the 1. one “1., 2., 3.” should be displayed in the second one just “4.”

thank you

Caret = Eingabemarke (see

  1. Slash regions have a property to Show Other Voices. This is switched off by default, but you might like to turn it on. 2. You can’t prevent Dorico from creating a “2.” ending when it creates a “1.” ending, no. If you want to extend the first ending, grab the middle handle - the one between the 1st and 2nd time brackets, in Write mode - and drag it.
  2. Do this in Write mode.
  3. From the Write mode properties panel:

There is further control over the text, if you want it, in Engrave mode:

Thank you very much

If I have already created a slash region and I want it to be part of a repeat structure, I find it easiest to select the bars that will be included in the repeat (in Write mode), delete the slash region, apply the repeat (with the Repeat popover), and then re-apply the slash region with the popover.

I hope this is helpful to someone.