No rests in cues

Hi there,
I write many leadsheets with dorico and I am struggling with finding a way to write rhythmic patters above the staff, without rests.

I used the approach of a second player (snare drum) and then use that as a cue inside my main sheet. That works quite well, except the rests are shown. I’d love to see the option to hide ALL rests, or at least some more control.

This is how it looks right now:
everlong - foofighters copy

and this is how I want it too look like:
everlong - foofighters copy

most of the time I just need to write down if a one is anticipated…

Is that possible in some way?
I must say, the way to write that down into a seperate player is very neat and I like it a lot. It makes it very clean and clear to edit…

Hi @ekg

In the player you are using to cue from:
-select all
-filter rest
-remove rest
that should do it.

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thanks a bunch!
you’re a genius! works like a charm