No reverb in the studio send headphone mixes

I have cubase set up annd the reverb works in the main mix on monitors for a vocal headphone mix. i do not see any way to get it in the studio sends.

Update: It seems to be selectable for 1 output only. I think you can adjust it on 4 different mixes with the UR mixer that is disabled by cubase.

I record about 1 or 2 bands a week and they will put up with this kind of stuff,but I don’t see how this could be used in a professional tracking studio. It would be simple for Steinberg to have something that disables the control room,or hopefully they can update this so the headphone mix goes to all outputs.

using the MR816 units in cubase there’s a hardware menu and in that you can set up the rev-x send return levels for the studio sends. The return always seems to be off as default so needs turning up to 0db.


It looks like the UR824 only allows reverb on 1 output according to the manual. I hope they can fix this.

I confirm. Reverb can be only sent to a single ouput pairs. I admit I mostly use it for vocals, but what if you have lead vocals and backing vocals?


My problem is that the other band members will hear dry vocals. I just sold a presonus unit that could do at least 4 mixes easily with reverb AND separate delay sends. I wish they would have disclosed that this won’t do a proper set of mixes. I would not have bought it if i knew this.