No samples used, 100% Synthesizer made

Hello, first post here, thought i’d share - all made on Cubase 6:

This one uses 100% Aalto BE free synth and NOTHING ELSE

Here, using TAL U-NO-62 (free) and TAL U-NO-LX ($45):

Here I use 100% U-he Podolski - free synth

Lots of layering of sounds + effects used. Hopefully this interests some people - for example heavier drum kick can be made using basic sounds - also layering of sounds can achieve a supersaw - as seen in the Aalto example - where Aalto BE edition has no supersaw.

Very nice, you being so creative with free stuff. i love that.
Especially the first piece I like, very good instrumental and creative production.

Great skills and the mix is really warm…I really respect the way you learn your instruments capability

I don’t generally listen in full to this style of music but this captured my interests both musically and sonically

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Amazing what you do with free synths! You have a lot of variety in your music, it’s not dull and it is interesting. Great stuff!! Michael.

Nice job!

There’s nothing wrong with free stuff, it just depends on what you do with it.
I still use some free plugs myself.

Thanks again, guys :mrgreen:

I’m still working on some screencasts explaining a few layering techniques I used. If anyone is wondering about a specific technique or sound, let me know :slight_smile:

some great stuff there…wish I had this mastery of vst’s…enjoyed the work, clever and sonically creative…good tunes in other words…Kevin