No save/load track preset for input channels (CUBASE Pro 12)

I went from my old Cubase PRO v5.5 (bought somewhere around 2011 I guess and used all these years being very happy with it, but I thought it is time to move on already, also changing my W7 for W10) directly to latest version (Cubase Pro 12).

But how big was my surprise finding out that for some reason there is missing load and save track preset for input channels which I am using as prepared setups for my different needs (different guitar setups with many fx that I directly record as a track, vocal mic setups etc.) - HOW COME…AND WHY IT WAS REMOVED???

How am I supposed to use my saved settings for the input channels (WMX files) when there is no more this feature? I do not understand this when load/save track preset still exists (logically) on other audio tracks.

  • JUST NOW as I wrote this I also find out there is no option how to load track preset FROM MY LOCAL SAVED FILE anymore as well for any of the channels, only from the factory predefined or already saved directly from the C12…WHY??? HELP!!! I need option to point to my locally saved files, BTW I do not have them all in some sort of one folder, I have different files saved for different projects/songs in their respective folders with each project (inside each individual project’s folder).

ALSO: why there is option USING TRACK PRESETS and also LOAD TRACK PRESET??? it is absolutely the same thing, right? I would expect that the option LOAD TRACK PRSET would open file browser for me to select my own user saved track preset file that is outside the Cubase folder structure, thus not accessible via TRAKC PRESETS.!

That option would actually solved my problem beautifully…omg!