No signal getting in to Cubase

Hi all. I’ve just updated to 9.5.40 and it seems that now i have no input signal. I have checked that all inputs are active … they are, however there is no signal on the input channels. Nothing has changed in the studio hardware. I’m using a Beringer X32 Compact and S16 which are both working properly. The signal routing in the mixer hasn’t changed and in any case all I have to do is read in a previous setting and the routing is automatically set up.

Everything was working fine the last time I used Cubase, version 9.5.30. There were no problems acquiring signals from the mixer. Now, it appears, on the surface at least, that Cubase 9.5.40 isn’t working properly for me. Is there perhaps some obscure (to me, at least) setting that needs attention?

Any ideas? If I can’t work it out can I backtrack to version 9.5.30 and if so, is it merely a matter of running the 9.5.30 update patch again?


Yes you can, there are plenty of posts on the forum on how to do it.
Apart from that it depends on what OS you are using, therefore it is always a good idea to post such basic infos… :unamused:

Thanks svennilenni. I thought after I posted that I should have done that so … Mac OS Mojave 10.14. Now that I think of it, I also updated the os since the last recording session. Maybe an os problem?

Edit: It turns out that it was the OS causing the problem. The first time I fired up Cubase after installing Mac OS Mojave it asked whether or not it could have access to the Macs’ microphone … I said no because there was no need to access the built-in mic in the Mac. But … it turns out that in this context, “microphone” means “any input”. It was fixed easily be going to System Preferences/Security and Privacy/Privacy/Microphone and checking Cubase. Problem solved.

Thanks again, svennilenni, for reminding me about the os.