No Signal Getting To Stereo Out Channel

I’m currently working on a project in Cubase Artist 10. The project has both MIDI and audio tracks. Everything’s been fine until today when I found that there is no output from the stereo output channel. There is no activity in that channel’s meter during playback. On playback, signals appear in all channels except stereo out. I’ve checked the VST connections, which seem ok, i.e. mono and stereo in and stereo out. I’ve checked the drivers in my Edirol UA-5 interface. They seem ok, and I hear sound from other applications. I’ve made sure that the stereo out channel isn’t muted in the mixconsole. I’m hoping that this is simply an oversight and that a fix should be straightforward. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi -

I’ve had this a few time with C10. I’ve not perfected how to get it working and I’m not sure why it happens but this what I do.

  1. Turn off control room which I don’t think you’re using anyway.
  2. In the output section of Audio Connections I select a different preset for my outs and the change back again. It’s important you use a preset because when it happens to me, the Audio Device / Device Port is un-selectable.
  3. Reconnect my audio tracks / groups etc to the output.

Seems to work

Thanks, Manike. Artist doesn’t have Control Room. I followed your instructions and was partially successful. I removed the existing output buss from ‘Audio Connections’ and set up an output preset. I can now hear the audio channels and their signal is getting to the stereo output channel. However, for some reason there is no sound from the instrument midi tracks. On playback, there is activity in the channel meters, but no sound. All the midi channels are set to 1, which has always worked previously. Is there another setting which I need to be looking at in order to get the instrument tracks to play back?

midi tracks or instrument tracks?

If it’s an instrument track make sure it’s connected to the stereo out.

If it’s a midi track, make sure whatever the midi track is routed to is connected to the stereo out.

Hi Kidderman,

There is a bug. I am on C10.5 pro. I found Vst main volume went to 0, I had to dial the volume knob in vst(Massive). This may be massive vst bug or cubase bug. I am using lot of automation for the channel, may be that triggered the bug but it is there and can happen anytime.


Select the track, in the inspector ( to the left by Inserts ) make sure it is selected to Stereo out !