No signpost for Gradual Tempo Change

One feature I think is extremely helpful is the signposts that appear when we hide something, like tempo indications. But, no signpost appears when I hide a rallentando, for example, although it influences playback, even not showing any text. After I erase the text and deselect it I cannot select it again to change or delete it. Am I missing something? Is the signpost for gradual tempo changes not implemented yet?

No, you’re quite right: at the moment, gradual tempo marks don’t show signposts. I’ll add this to our backlog.

Thank you Daniel.

I see this was written long ago. Do gradual tempo changes have signposts by now? I cannot even click something like hide in the properties panel when I select a “ritardando”.

I can put a space in the Abbreviation box to hide the rit. but it leaves no signpost after I activate the space and turn off the duration line.

For a hidden ritard, it might be technically more in line with the Dorico philosophy to slow the music in Play mode rather than applying an invisible symbol (Finale or Sibelius thinking? :wink: )

Yes, a little tiny signpost will appear, but you don’t need to do it this way in any case: use the line tool in the Time track in Play mode to create a gradual tempo change that won’t appear in Write mode.