No sleep/idle function for macros 10+ years, when will it be fixed

When having ‘multiple’ processes in a macro or even as a Direct Offline Process, cubase does not wait for the previous processes to finish before the next.

A simple reverse - reverb - reverse comes out as a total mess.

This is a problem that has been around for 10+ years and the solution suggested in the past was to add a bunch of random processes in between that do nothing to the audio to slow down the processes.

I cannot get these ‘tricks’ to get around the bugs to work with todays modern fast computers.

I find it pointless to have these DOP favourites when i cannot use them because they do not process correctly in order and cause a total bugged out mess in the audio.

Can we get this reported and looked at finally after all these years.
Surely it’s not hard to implement something so it waits for the last process to finish before the next one is actioned.

This has been tested in safe mode, fresh install with the latest cubase 13, and the problem still persists…

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