No sleep-mode with Motu Midi Express

I would like to put my desktop-pc manually in sleep(standby)-mode when pausing during a project (after saving), but can’t manage. Sleep-mode functions ok with Cubase totally closed.
I have narrowed down the problem to my Motu Midi express 128. When I disconnect the usb it is functioning ok.
(my Steinberg Midex 8 gives no problem and stays connected.)
In Device Setup, I have tried Steinberg Audio Power Scheme switching on or off, but this didn’t help.
Any suggestions? Thank you!

Sometimes the system bios has settings that override the ones from windows so check this first. Also make sure that Cubase doesn’t open up a power scheme even though it is switched off (sometimes it’s suborn). And lastly configure your own power settings and save this as a separate profile. After you started Cubase make sure this is still active. If still not working it could be that the Motu is sending ‘keep alive’ messages to the USB interface. No idea if and how you can manipulate this behavior for the Motu?

In general it is a very bad idea using any kind of sleep or hibernation for a daw computer.
There are just too many things that can go wrong, just copy protection can be a nightmare.
Get some fast SSD to run the system on, and boot times will get manageable.

Thanks for the suggestions!
The bios has these settings indeed:
“Wake Up Event Setup” was set to “BIOS”. Now I changed it to “OS” instead.
Unfortunalely it did not help.
Also I now tried some other bios settings which are usb concerned without result.
After starting Cubase the power scheme stays on my own configured “Balanced” settings.
Maybe I should ask Motu tech support…

Thanks for the advice! I do have a SSD indeed, but prefer the sleep mode, if it don’t result in too many problems. What copy protection are you referring to? I am not aware of it.

Are you sure of that?!
I’ve never been able to put the computer to sleep in any way, even with disabling ASIO drivers.

I’m curious to know if anyone is really able do that.

I agree, but what about display only?
This is very annoying for me, working with a 3-monitor setup.
It would be very useful if Cubase, when minimized, released the OS power scheme.

Yes I am; it functions when I put the pc manually in sleep-mode in the start menu or with a shortcut.
It doesn’t function by means of a power scheme (after the set time).
The audio-interface and other midi-interface stay connected.

Hm… Comparing manually invoking standby doesn’t test anything. The test would be

Unplug the interface, does the computer go to sleep after the delay specified in the power scheme?

There are many things that can stop a computer from going into standby.

Are you sure you set all settings to comply to sleep mode within the given time that is set for hybernation? Also something to check is this:

Open Device Manager and go to ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’. Open all ‘Hub’ ports and open the tab ‘Power management’. Make sure every ‘Allow the computer to turn off…’ is turned on. Hope it helps

I agree with peakae. Hybernation while everything is active in Cubase may well lead to corruption. So be careful and test only with a project of which you have the latest version saved. And indeed also your e-licencer (protection) could act up in this situation. There’s only one to find out and is testing.

Manually invoking standby or sleepmode is just I’m trying to achieve (after saving the project).
Only the Motu midi usb interface is avoiding this. I now tried another midi usb interface with whitch it functions well. (but has only one midi in & output instead of eight…)
No, the pc does never go in sleepmode after a specified time when Cubase is active, also with all devices disconnected. But for me this is no issue.

Thanks for the suggestion! I found all the settings already enabled, so no solution yet.

I consider buying another midi interface.

MOTU-MIDI express is notoriously difficult with Windows (from 7 on). I used to have 2 of them, and Windows continuously forgot which one was which (oh the joys of changing midi-ports on all your midi-tracks in Cubase each time you boot up the PC…), or when soft-booting, one of the units would simply not be recognized by Windows anymore (all channel numbers light up red on the MOTU). Only a full reboot including full power down would resolve that…
The last issue seems similar or related to what you’re experiencing… the MOTU units don’t handle soft-reboot well, which is probably similar to sleep/standby from the perspective of power management.

Eventually I replaced one of the two units with a Midex-8. Problems gone.

My Midex 8 indeed does not have this issue. Still I need more midi connections so a second one would be an option.

Oops :blush: I totally missed your clear statement of that fact in your OP! Color me redfaced! :laughing: