no slicing still?

Halion 4 is incredible, but missing this basic functionality?
Please include in a future update, thanks

agreed, the best way is to use CUBASE6 then drag over to H4. I recently had to make this purchase for this integration.

I too am really missing this feature found in both kontakt and Mach 5. I have had to make due with creating RX2 files in Recycle and importing those into Halion 4, or creating multiple layers and adjusting the start and end points of each layer according to how I want the samples to be sliced/cut up. Certainly not ideal, but it is a workaround until a proper implementation happens.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but your sig states you have Cubase 6. Like electronix mentioned, can’t you just slice the loop up there (Hitpoints -> Creat slices) and drop it in Halion 4 (Slotrack -> Creat sliced loops).
Works like a charm and no need to do any additional slicing in a secondary program!

I’m a longtime happy Kontakt user, but this workflow improvement is someting I really missed with Kontakt and Cubase. Because now you can stay in the DAW and don’t need to switch to other suites. The best thing is, you can record a take in Cubase, slice it up and drop it in to the sampler, instant!! :sunglasses:
You can even drop the midi of the sliced material back in the project again!!

For the record, if they want to compete with the Kontakt’s and Mach’s of this world, I agree, Halion 4 needs a slicer!

Right on if you own c6 and h4 you’ve got the best slicing option available in my opinion… and I own k5,m5v3 as well… this workflow mentioned between c6 n h4 is possibly the best I’ve had so far. ok so slicing inside h4 would be faster, only if you have the wave in your sampler so yes I agree if they can implement it, it would probab :mrgreen: ly be amazing, either way if you own cubase 6 and halion 4, you’ve got the best slicing available in the business :sunglasses:

Perhaps it is just me, but, slicing in Cubase has always sounded wonky to me when played back. It doesn’t sound as seamless, gap free and without artifacts like it does when compared to Recycle RX2. I am mainly taking about drum loops here. I suppose I can give it another whirl since you guys say it’s the cats meow, but I have been unimpressed with it thus far and still desire to see this in Halion 4 itself. Some users are not using Cubase either, so what do they do about slicing?

Thanks for writing however.

Can you assign custom attributes in Mediabay ?

You do not have to slice it in Cubase. Just add hitpoints and then drag the sample
to Halion. Halion will import the slices and add a slice player.

Interesting :sunglasses:
Can you explain exactly how you do it?
When I drag a sample with only hitpoints added to Halion 4 it doesn’t bring up the panel to create a sliced loop.

Drop it on top of the program tree.

Thanks, I tried it but it doesn’t work here. I still get a single sample mapped across all keys when I only add hitpoints.
Are you sure you only add hitpoints and don’t create slices or events?

Damn. You’re right. Got this mixes up somehow… I don’t know why. Use it quite often.
Sorry, guys!

doh! And hear I thought I was learning something very valuable and useful. I tried simply adding hitpoints and dragging and dropping as well, but got the same as the above user, just a single sample mapped across the whole keyboard.