No slots in inserts racks

Not sure what’s going on here. I’m not seeing any slots in ‘Inserts’ in either the mix console, the track inspector or the edit window - but I think I should be seeing slots at least saying ‘No Effect’, right? There’s no rack at all anywhere - all I see is a blank. Can anyone help?

At least in the inspector, are you sure the inserts tab is selected at the bottom? And not the routing tab? That got me once.

not sure what you mean…pretty sure I’m looking at my where my inserts rack should be…

see attachments (I hope)…afterthought - i know what you mean and yes i have got plug-ins and not routing selected for inserts in the inspector (can’t take a snip of that)

furthermore, my ‘sends’ are similarly blank in edit, the inspector and the mix console.


I had this problem and did a support ticket which involved them having me do several things and reinstall some things, can’t remember what exactly but my menu system wasn’t working in the inspector and on the mixer page, they wouldn’t open up right etc. and some were missing.

Open a ticket.


through support I guess? though I couldn’t see how that would be done when i checked that avenue

the people who sold it to me tell me to come to the forums for support but there’s been nothing forthcoming from anyone at steinberg so far here.

all i can see on the steinberg support page here are ‘downloads’ ,’ knowledge base’ these forums and advice to contact some distributor - i’ve tried the first three and have had no joy and I can’t see that some yamaha rep is going to help me with this.

would you mind telling me how you got to this support ticket?

Tells about it, you have to go in through your account.

thanks again

got through to support



ended up having to do a complete clean reinstall, which involved support sending me the iso files as I could not get a good result from the straight download so it has taken a bit of time, but all good now as far as I can see.