No sound after changing audio driver

Hi everyone

I’m fairly new to cubase, switched from live and i’m working on a mac.
Sometimes when starting up cubase, a pop up comes up asking about other audio drivers found, instead of the built in. Accidentally I must have clicked on the ms-teams audio driver.
After that, I changed it back to the built in one. But I do not have any sound. So far I have not found a solution online.
I checked all the connections and they seem to be fine. Except the control-room and output. When connecting one to the built in audio the other gets disconnected. But i’m pretty sure this was like that before. I have in mind, that the control room audio never was connected.

I’m not sure what infos to write down here, since I have no clue what could be the issue.
Does anyone have a clue what could be going on?

Using the Control Room in Cubase is optional.
If you do choose to use it, the most common audio routing is to have your Stereo Out disconnected and the Control Room monitor output connected to your speakers.

this is how i have set it up. I have no Idea why I have no sound.

Oh, I just figured out, that somehow it disconnected every bus from every single instrument. This is weird.

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I thought I’d mention it since you wrote:

If you are using Control Room, you have to have at least one output from Control Room Connected (Monitor or Headphones).

Maybe it’s time to look deeper into your audio interface settings?

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