No sound after importing music xml file

Hi. I’ve imported xml files and there’s no sound playing. I’ve assigned instruments to each part. And it’s currently routed to noteperformer, and the only other option I can see is DoricoBeep. I’m not sure what to do to get the sound working. Can you help please?

Can you create a Diagnostic Report from the Help menu and post the resulting file on your desktop here so folks can see what is happening?

Dorico (3.1 MB)

Here you go, thank you!

Did you reapply the Noteperfomer playback template?

A quick look at your diagnostics doesn’t show anything immediately obvious that would be preventing playback. I agree with Janus that going to Play > Playback Template and double-clicking the NotePerformer playback template again would be a good idea.

Also, Dorico 4.3.30 is the latest Dorico 4 update, and you’re still running version 4.3.20. It would be worth updating to 4.3.30 at some point, though it shouldn’t have any bearing on this particular issue.

Aha, I had checked noteperformer was applied but I hadn’t removed then reapplied it. Great advice, now it works. Thank you!