NO SOUND after installing Cubase LE 5

I’m completely new to Cubase LE 5 - can someone describe step-by-step guidelines how to correctly set up MIDI & Audio devices so I can get the sound while trying to playback any MIDI file? I tried to set up the devices but I must be missing something there because I can’t get any sound…!
Many thanks.

Do you actually have any devices to set up or you just want to set up to use your computer audio and cubase instruments?

Hi Grim:
I have already set up the following devices:

  • ‘Guitarface II’ MIDI-interface by Miditech
  • ‘Nektar Impact iX49’ MIDI controller by PreSonus
  • KORG Music Station 01/W keyboard.
    I’m running WIN-Vista/Home premium on Pentium IV Dual Core PC.

When I’m reviewing the settings they seem to be all there listed BUT because I’m not getting any sound I’m of course NOT sure if there are correct OR some other settings are still missing ?!? I’m very new to using Cubase LE 5 so I need someone with extensive experience like yourself to provide me with step-to-step guidelines to verify that my settings are correctly set.
Many thanks for your further advice & help…!

OK…so none of these are an audio device. If you’re using the built in audio of the computer your best bet is to download and install ASIO4all.

Then in Device Setup/VST audio system select ASIO4all as the driver.

Now check in VST connections/Outputs.
You want a stereo bus assigned to your computer audio outs…probably will be labelled HD audio L/R or 1/2 or something like this.

Now import an audio file to Cubase and press play. You should get sound!

I’m new to the forum so im not sure if they allow Screen shot posts. Maybe you can post a screen shot of your computer audio outs

Hi Grim:
And thanks for your advice.
I finally was able to get an audio file produce sound correctly BUT I still have the same ‘no sound’ problem in trying to play back a MIDI-file ALTHOUGH I’ve selected the GM-sound instrumental set as the output driver. Can you tell me how to install any ‘sound instrumental set’ in using Cubase LE5 - how many & what type of ‘sound instrumental sets’ come with this Cubase version…?
Thanks for your further advice.

Halion Sonic SE should be included…watch this video:

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