No sound after migration to new Mac

I recently migrated everything from my previous Mac to a new one. Dorico runs fine, but I cannot get sound to work. There are exclamation points next to the Note Performer label (see screenshot).

I have a hunch this has to do with maybe the the license to Note Performer not carrying over or something like that, but I don’t know what to check.

Diagnostics report download (too large to upload here):

Thanks for any help you you can offer.

That suggests that the NotePerformer VST is not installed.

Some things that require installation don’t always carry over in the Migration Assistant. Try reinstalling NP4.

(One of the rare occasions when reinstalling is worthwhile!)

Perfect! That did it. I did not even remember how installation worked, but the Wallander website’s Support page was great. I just downloaded the Note Performer package again and re-installed, and it works.
Thanks for the help!