No sound after windows update

I hope any of you can help me out. I’ve been using Cubases Elements 7 for over a year now without issues. But today, after starting up my pc after a few Windows updates, my output signal is gone. I’ve checked all the settings: the right output is selected in VST Connections. Outside Cubase my output is working as usual. In the MixConsole my Stereo Out channel is greyed out as well. I’m using a Windows 8.1 pc with an internal sound card (IDT High Defenition Audio CODEC). I’ve considered uninstalling all the updates, but I would like my Windows to stay up to date as well. Is there something simple I’m overlooking or doing wrong? I hope it is, 'cause I’m not really a technical mastermind.

Nevermind, it turned out to be a bug in the project. Other projects work fine. And so did the last back up that was made of my current project. Luckily this included the last changes I recorded, so nothing’s lost.