no sound again

Okay, so you have now an output port; that’s good news. Now, don’t try with an old project. We have an known issue, that if a project once ran into a setup with no output ports, you will not get it to sound again, even if later ports reappear. So instead please create a new test project and try if that now sounds. I have strong believe that it will.

If with the new project you have sound again, but not with older projects, you can send them to me, and I will do some “magic” to them so that they will also do again.

Thanks for all the help. A new test piece for piano worked fine as did all of the older scores except the one I am currently working on and it is attached.

RIchard (1.33 MB)

Cool, glad to hear that you have sound again.

I’ve attached a new version of your ‘angel’.
Load that and go to Play Mode, then choose Play > Apply Default Playback Template and the project will sound again. Done. But don’t forget to save your new angel :wink:

From the next version of Dorico we won’t need to go through this pain anymore, it will be able to rectify it by itself. (204 KB)

Everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help Ulf.