No sound and lagging playback

I am having a problem either with Cubase or my Steinberg UR816C. I am experiencing a stuttering playback with no sound - just a few occasional bursts of audio. I am running a M1 Mac mini with Rosetta 2. I have installed the latest tools and drivers for The URC and for the DAW. Any suggestions. What makes me think it is the interface is Spotify also now has the same issue through the URC.


Try to increase the Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please.

Thanks Martin. I have done that but it doesn’t work. It was previously ok without me adding tracks or effects since. It is just 3 - 5 tracks at the most for all my projects.

@warren_love I had this problem recently with a new Motu M6 interface connected to a pretty new Windows system. Sound would crack, drop in Cubase, while watching videos, Spotify etc. I tried changing, the buffer size, updated soundcard driver and firmware, tried out various usb power management settings in Windows. M6 comes with both USB 2.0 & 3.0. So tried them both, Disconnected all other USB and checked. No luck.

So finally I went on and bought a powered USB hub and spree of changing the USB ports of all the devices, trying out different port for various devices. One particular configuration has made the cracks and drops go away. So I have made a note of which device is connected to which port and kept it that way.

Still, absolutely no idea if its a system issue or a soundcard issue. So was pure trial and error. Maybe that works for you too.

You can also try connecting the soundcard with another system (Mac or Windows) and see it the issue is still there.

Thank you.
I am pretty sure the powered hub is ok. It has served me well for 3 years. However I will try if all else fails.

Anyway the interface is one I connect directly to the Mac.

Yamaha has come back at me with advice to uninstall the usb driver and tools then reset the security settings on the Mac as per instructions in the link below. Then reinstall the latest drivers and tool pack from Steinberg.

Here’s the link Yamaha sent.

Weekend coming up I will let you know how it goes.

A local distributor here in NZ has other suggestions I will try if I have to. Thanks for your support. Happy music making.


You were the closest Martin. I went out and bought a new usb C to usb C cable to connect the interface to the Mac. Hey presto. Happy chappie. What do they say when the fridge isn’t working. Have you plugged it in. So pleased I hadn’t bricked anything or needed to swear and curse Apples move to the M1 silicon chip.
Thank you

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