No sound at all!

Hi! I´ve been running cubase for a couple of years, and see myself as an musician and not a computerwiz.
I did a new and clean reinstall of cubase 7. and now a can´t get any sound from it at all.
Before the reinstall everything worked fine.
I can see that there is an signal going in to cubase (there is an volumepeak when I play), but no sound.
I think that there is something very simple that I have forgott, but I can´t figure it out.
Does anyone have any idé what it could be?


Which steps explained in the manual on setting up your system have you done until now…?
Apart from that, used system / hardware might be useful…

Details, man …

Operating system?


Did you install 7 from disk? From the downloaded full installer?

Way too many missing details for anyone to be able to help you …

OK! I´ll be back tonight after work with details, Thanks!

Have you set up an ASIO driver? Are your outputs showing as “active” in your device setup? Have you pressed F4 to set the active outputs?

Sometimes I have to do this if another prog with an ASIO driver has been running, and it does the trick.

Did you click the little ‘monitor’ button?

(hopefully, its something that simple!) :mrgreen:

Quite often happens here, C7 doesn’t like saving the Asio setup, try pressing F4 and make sure your drives and monitors are selected. also check the control room settings as well.