No sound at all


today I bought the Maya22 USB since the Nvidia GeForce graphic card’s sound card doesn’t provide any Asio.
I updated the Maya22 driver to the version 1.8.
When I start Cubase 9 Pro EDU and import a soundfile or any instrument I get no sound at all. I attached a picture of some device settings.
I tried different settings, swtiched from 41k to 48k Hz, but nothing works. When it’s set to 48k I can listen to music from other apps and otherwise if it 41k. Also connected the speakers to each port of the Maya22 USB.
The keyboard I’m using is :

So what am I doing wrong? (I’m pretty new to this)

Your budget let you to spent 550+ € for buying Cubase 9 Pro and you using the ESI Maya 22; :open_mouth:
I don’t really understand that… :confused:

One thing that looks funny to me is VST connections (input) Left is assigned to 3/4 L and right is assigned to 1/2 R. I don’t know the Maya22 (apart from an online product page and user manual pdf), but I still have to think it’s strange. I’m not sure how they mapped these ins and outs. Looking at the pictures, it seems the ins are XLR, guitar and 2xRCA, the outs are 2xTS and headphone TRS.

The split assignment on input might be RCA(L) = left and TS = right. Meanwhile, the output might be to the headphones. The user manual is doesn’t seem to address these mappings, so I guess you should try different possibilities. If I were in your shoes, I might start with changing left input to 1/2L and checking to see if there’s sound on the headphones. If not, do the line outs have sound?

The very first assignments I did were 1/2L or R everywhere. I tried out different settings and when I made the screenshot I was too lazy to reset the values. This is why you see these mixed assignments like 3/4 here and 1/2 there.
Only the line outs give sound. The headphones don’t.
But right at the moment another problem occured…
When I start Cubase it stucks at “Initializing: vstconnect.dll” :cry:

Only the line outs give sound. The headphones don’t.

You said there was no sound but now there is sound from the line outs??

RE: The freeze on start…are you connected the internet now but weren’t before (or vice versa?)
You can always remove vstconnect component (rename the dll to dlx or something) from Cubase componenet folder.

i have the same problem can you please help ? i got so sound coming out and vst connections are correct and also under devices it recognize my card i don’t know why now all of the sudden stopped working