No sound coming from Cubase Elements 7?

I’m on a Mac Pro running 10.9.3, and just downloaded the trial version of Cubase Elements. However, be it with MIDI or audio files, Cubase is not producing any sound. I can see the meters moving, but I hear nothing.

I’ve tried looking for solutions, and it seems to be some ASIO Driver issue. However, in the “Device Setup” menu, i only have a list of my mics along with “built-in audio” under the ASIO Driver window, and none are creating sound.

What do I do?


With built in audio set you should here sound out speakers connected to your computer. Are you getting playback from other programs on the Computer?

In Cubase go to devices then VST connections. Click on the output tab. Make sure on your stereo out that the audio device is built in audio and that the device ports say 1 and 2 in the device port column.

Do you have an audio interface? If so you will want the hardware connected and on prior to launching Cubase. Then once in Cubase make sure the driver is selected by going to devices, device setup, VST Audio system. In the case of having an audio interface you will need to make sure you have speakers our headphones connected to the hardware to hear playback.

Thank you

Yes, sound is fine everywhere else. It’s definitely a problem with Cubase.

The device is Built-in Audio. Under the Device Port column, my only options are “Built-in Audio 1” and “Built-in Audio 2”, which I have connected.

I have a Technics DC Power Amplifier SE-C01, which I have speakers and headphones connected to. I’ve never come across a time where I’ve actually seen the device mentioned on my computer; usually, sound just appears upon selecting a natural output (like Core Audio). Problem is, with Cubase, I don’t have that as an option for an output. I have Logic, and that works perfectly fine. Is Built-in Audio still my right choice regarding an output? Should I be seeing other options?

Thanks Jeff.

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I installed Cubase onto my MacBook Air, and it’s playing fine there.

I have a Technics DC Power Amplifier SE connected to the Mac Pro, and headphones/speakers are connected to the amplifier.

I disconnected the amplifier from the Mac Pro and connected it to the Laptop. It still plays from the Laptop.

Why would there be no sound from the Mac Pro? Everything is working on the MacBook Air, and my Device settings are identical (ASIO Driver is “Built-in Audio”, VST Connections Output is “Built-in Audio”, etc.).

I assume it’s a problem with the output. Is it a problem with Cubase? With my computer? With my Core Audio?

Open “System Settings” (can be found under the apple menu). Open the “Sound” settings and make sure that you have the correct output selected under “Output”.


I didn’t have an output connected for the “Built-in Audio” setting!