No sound coming from HSO

Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Steinberg grants a trial period, but does not seem to grant access to post in the VST Instruments forum. I use VST instruments fairly regularly and don’t have too many problems, but I have never yet been able to hear a sound from the Halion Symphony Orchestra. I can’t find the answer anywhere, although I quite suspect, as usual, it will be something simple. Here is a file. If anybody can figure this out, I’d be really thankful. I’d like to begin using this tool, or at least see if I want to buy it.

Cheers, Kris
HSO failure.cpr (530 KB)

Hi there

The volume of the HSO sounds are tied to the modulation wheel of your midi controller by default. If you don’t have a midi controller you can use the virtual modulation wheel on the HalionSE plugin.

I agree that it is a bit counter intuitive loading a sound with the volume at its lowest point, but once you’ve sussed this out controlling volume swells etc becomes quite easy.

G Luck

Thanks for the quick response. I turned up the mod wheel on my controller and still hear no sound. I can see MIDI signal [light meter next to the fader on the mixer] on the HAL 002, track 16 in the attached project, but I could see that before.

Just figured out my error: The HSO interface has on output selection menu for each instrument that defaults to no outputs. Bammm! Now at least I still have almost 2 hours left on the trial period to see if it is as awesome as it sounds.

Cheers, Stanx