no sound coming from vst plugins (nothing muted)? cpu?


so i’m working on a project in cubase right now that uses a lot of hollywood strings instances (which is fairly cpu taxing). I’m very certain that this is a problem being caused by some sort of cpu overload but basically I have everything working as it should as in nothing is muted. routing is configured correctly at the moment. I’m definitely getting audio whenever I play back ONE instrument. but as soon as I disable solo and play them all at once, cubase will “play” but no sound comes from any of the hollywood strings instances. I don’t think that it is a problem in the HS settings because I have already configured it to work properly in other daws where this does not occur.

I’m fairly new to cubase but is there a setting in one of cubase’s pannels which turns off instruments if cpu load is detected at too high a level? wondering if I can turn that off. I’d rather hear pops and clicks while I work then to not be able to hear anything xD

running on version 7 of cubase and my cpu is an intel core i7 quad 2.8 GHz (not overclocked)

I’ll keep poking around to see if I can find the solution but if someone here knows then I’d really appreciate any suggestions for what I should do.

otherwise, the cubase experience so far has been quite stellar.



hmm this isn’t making too much sense. took a look at the cubase cpu meter and also at my usage in the windows task manager and the load isn’t very high right now at all…

…yet some notes are simply not being played by the project. this seems more like a midi related issue, not an audio setup one. by soloing instruments out so they play by themselves, I am able to hear them just fine. but when I enable all instruments in the project and hit play, some notes will play but a large majority of them are simply not. I also checked my settings for the eastwest play vst (what I’m mainly using in this project) and it is configured correctly.

is there something I’m missing? O_o

I tried contacting steinberg support but I don’t think I’ll be getting any answers from them right away as I’m in the US.

been googling all day for answers to this problem so I can move forward with my project…nothing. if anyone has any ideas would be awesome for some answers. :smiley:

anyway I guess I’ll just keep plugging away at this, hopefully I’ll find something…

here is a screenshot of the project showing my cpu usage etc:


Tra to Solo one track, then Add on emore (two tracks will be soloed), etc. You will see.

I have had very similar problems with EastWest Play engine in Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer. It was Play engine problem. It sometimes doesn’t sound. The biggest problem was in Cubase, unfortunately.

Try to check, you have last update of EastWest Play engine. I switched to different sound library, because of these problems.