No sound coming through in Cubase 12 Pro

Hi, I downloaded cubase days ago and have not worked out how to get the sound out. I have a focusrite scarlett solo which works ok with abelton live but cubase just does not recognize it.
I have tried for hours to work out what is wrong, I have spent days looking on UTube but not found what the problem is.
Can somebody please help me.
Thanks Ron

Sweetwater has put together a nice quick start guide. Check it out here:

Thanks for the info but I still cannot find my audio interface focusrite in any of the drop down menus
I have abelton on my pc and it works perfect I cannot understand it its driving me nuts.

Hi Steve
Thankyou so much for your quick reply to my problem. I have loaded new drivers for my focusrite and the problem is solved I can now start making music.
Thanks again Ron

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