No sound Cubase11 Win10 DellXPS8900 ASIO4All

This is a new to me Dell XPS8900 with new SSD drive and all updated drivers and bios installed. Works great… Except for CuBase11 sound. (I successfully used CuBase10.5 on my old win machine). I have installed ASIO4All and the only sound that will come out is from the default High Def Audio Device. The other two WDM device list items are two separate USB Audio CODECs. Even with all turned on in the ASIOALL interface, None of the choices in the Cubase Studio Setup work. Here is an example screenshot: Showing bother ASIO4All and the Cubase Studio Setup screens. Cubase appears to be playing the audio as the mix console and Equalizer show volume from my Instrument Tracks. It seems that ASIO4All can only play sounds through the High Def Audio Device and neither of the two USB Audio CODECs. Appreciate any help… I seem so close. TIA. -Bob

Have you checked your settings in Studio > Audio Connections > Output to ensure that the Cubase main mix output is directed to your 2 active outputs?

As per: Audio Connections Window

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Hey Nico5… Thanks that was just the tip i needed… The Audio Connections - Outputs have 8 Headphone/Speakers choices… (4stereo) and also 4 USB Audio Codec choices 9 thru 12… What worked? Headphone Speakers 1-1 and 2-2. Appreciated

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