No Sound down ground from Cubase 6 64-bit back to 32-bit

I have recently uninstalled Cubase 6 64-bit and gone back to using Cubase 6 - 32-Bit. As I was sick of the constant bugs and glitching that running the 64-bit version was bringing. I have reinstalled Cubase 6 - 32 bit version reinstalled all my plugins and VST’s however Im finding that on all my projects Im not getting sound through all my channels especially drum channels assigned to groups and some indvidual sounds are getting no play back at all. All device set ups are routed correctly and channel set ups are routed as correctly before going back to 32-Bit. My soundcard is a MOTU UltraLyte Mk3 and im running Windows 7 64-bit. Can anyone shed light on this at all?


What about your plug-ins? If I’m right, you used 64-bit plug-ins. Now, it’s not possible to open these plug-ins in the 32-bit Cubase, right? Maybye, any plug-in could be the problem.

What about meters of tracks? What about volume meters of audio tracks? What about meters of Group tracks? What about meters of your Main Output?

Btw: Settings of 64-bit and 32-bit is not shared. Ao you have to set it yourself.

If you have setup your 32 bit c6 properly in the vst connections then have you checked your cue mix on the motu to see what signals are coming through ?
It is possible that if your not using all your outputs on the motu and they are assigned to the cubase outputs then you will not hear those tracks . Check the outputs for each channel for you desired output

good luck