NO sound during play back and no imput from mic

Iam looking for help because i have read the manuals a million times and i havent been able to solve the problem.
I am using Cubase Le5 and Alesis iO2 express as my interface. During playback there is no sound and when there is sound it is glitchy and distorted. I tired fixing my VST connections but that hasnt worked. The laptop im using is a Compaq Hp Presario. Please if any one can help me it will very much appriciated.

And you have downloaded the recommended ASIO4ALL driver and selected it in Cubase?

Thank You and Yes I just downloaded the driver but now i dont hear the sound. Are my Busses set up Wrong ? or is it my VST Connections ?

Where are you trying to hear “the sound” from?

My head Phones their connected to io2 .

Ok, cool.

It must be either your connections or output routing.

Can you post some screen shots?

Ok so i solved the problem for why i couldnt hear the sound and now i can hear it threw the head phones. But During playback on a song, the song will play for about 10 secs then it starts to do minor glitching and by the end of the song its not playable. but each times this happens my ASIO meter over loads, is there a way i can correct that ? thank you for your help.

You probably need to raise the buffer size in the AISO4ALL driver.
Also download this> and check your systems ability to stream audio successfully.

And re read the getting started manual.

Also check this out if Split’s advice isn’t helping:[keyword_search]=Optimizing