no sound for loops and samples

I use cubase pro in an iMac with an electric guitar and headphones connected to an irig HD2 .I hear my guitar but when I select something in media and click on play bottom right or put it on a track , there is not sound

sorry I hear it as a track but not sound in preview play button ,bottom right

I found out.You connect your audio device in control room

i also have no sounds in loops and samples. if i drop them into a cubase track they play ok. but when i audition them from the browser nothing comes through. the audio volume slider is definately up. im on mac Pro and cubase 10. anyone else have this problem?

Hello, Joseph here. Hope this will work.
Go into the audio settings and make sure the preview mixer track isn’t set to something other than the master. It’ll be under mcdvoice the resampling settings in the lower right.
have a nice day.

Hello. I had same situation, too.
I was solved followings,

Menu-> Studio -> Audio Connection…
Click “Contol Room” Tab.
Turn off “Control room” button in Right-Upper side.

Good Luck.


Thanks. This worked for me.