No Sound From Alesis Drum Kit

Hi, I have an Alesis Strike Pro SE with Midi OUT cable going to my Adudio Interface IN. In cubase 12 I can see the drums information being sent to Cubase through the sound bars. But there are no sound from the interface headphone socket.

If I just use an audio out to in on the interface, cubase registers the sound and I also hear the sound through the headphones.

I have Input/Output on the Cubase Midi Track set to my interface.
The Channel in the Drum Module is 1, So I set channel to 1 in Cubase for the Midi Track.

But still no sound.

Do I have to map anything? (Im new so dont know how to do that?)
Or do I have to have a sound source such as Superior Drummer? (I do have that but its not installed as yet).

I was just trying/hoping I could use the same sounds as I have them setup in the Alesis Drum Module. And record them to separate chennels. (Of course I am just trying to get a single channel working first.

Any ideas where I should begin looking? Thanks

There is no sound with MIDI until you send it to a synth/drum plugin and that synth/drum plugin outputs audio.
So if you just want the sound from what you’re playing on the Alesis kit, just record audio. You record MIDI to have the option of using the same notes to trigger different sounds. This will leave you a world of options. It’s like when you record guitar: you usually record the sound from the amp through a microphone, but also capture a DI (direct in) signal that you can treat and re-amp later to get a different sound.

As far as recording separate channels, for audio your audio interface would need to have as many channels as you want to record, so that’s another reason MIDI can come in handy. You can record 16 channels of MIDI with one connection. Send the data to a drum VST, you can use the included Groove Agent SE, set Groove Agent to use all outputs, and then you can mix all the channels individually.

There are quite a few moving parts in the process of what you’re trying to accomplish. I would suggest hitting YouTube and finding some videos to watch for the different parts of the process. The Steinberg Cubase YT channel is good, along with Mixdown Online (Chris Selim’s channel I linked above), and just found this guy who looks decent:

Give that a shot and feel free to ask more questions after you give it a shot.

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Hi, thanks for the response. I began to suspect it only sends data when I added both midi cables ouut/in and in/out. I then had to use the heaphone socket in the Alesis as opposed to the heaphone socket in the interface… until that point it seems there were no sounds to play. Just data.

I want each drum on separate tracks to add effects in cubase/EQ etc.

I have searched YT but found nothing really of value as most are related to keyboard and I didnt see the issue as I believe the sounds were sent along with the midi data. Doah!

Thanks, Il watch this video as Justin dous seem to go into detail with these thing. Much appreciated

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So are you trying to get the sound produced by the Alesis module, or do you have BFD3, Superior Drummer 3, Groove Agent, or some other program you want to feed the data to to make the sounds?

Here’s what looks like a couple very good vids to directly answer your questions of how to record (I didn’t watch it but the summary looks like this is on point)

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Hi, Thanks again. Ive actually seen those videos. My inistial issue was not understanding that there was no sound. I forgot that midi is just data and not sound.

The video you added in your first responce (Chris Selim) has the solution I am looking for.

I was originally going to use the sound from the strike Pro as I have spent a lot of time getting a kit sound. However, it seems a better idea to use the Superior Drummer 3 and follow the route Chris Selim talks about.

I will test this using Groove Agent just to learn the process, and then replicate that with SD3.

Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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Just to let you know.
I went this route with the questioning because I am currently waiting for a SDD arriving so I can install Superior Drummer 3 onto that. So although I own it, I dont have it installed on the DAW Im using at present.

Thanks again. Much appreciated. Have a good one.

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