No Sound from Exported WAV or mp3 files!

Hi, I’ve been trying to use my tascam US-1800 to record an acoustic drum kit. I have six mics all connected to the XLR inputs at the front. I have phantom power on for all inputs. Using the Cubase LE 5 software that came with the interface, I try and record a song. All input and output buses are configured correctly, and I hit record on all 6 mono audio tracks. The software says it’s receiving sound because waves appear on all the tracks and the waves actually correspond to what I’m playing. When I try to export the tracks as a WAV or mp3 file, I hear nothing. Could you assist me in finding out why that is? Tech support from Tascam and the store I bought this from says im doing this correctly, so I’m stumped :confused:

Screen Cap of my settings:

Have you tried turning off the monitor and record when you export? Also be sure your stereo out fader is not all the way down

Yup, probably as stated, you must switch off the monitor buttons or you will get no sound on Export.

This was the problem! Everything works and sounds perfect now. Thanks guys :slight_smile: