No sound from gear into cubase.

Hello everyone,

I’m having problems recording/hearing my hardware gear through Cubase. I am currently running Cubase 10.0.30, and am using a Focusrite Clarett 8pre interface.

I can hear the synths through my interface via Direct Monitoring, and I am also able to hear the output of VSTIs in Cubase, just not from synth>interface>Cubase>speakers. I have read the manual and set up the input busses as instructed, but still no sound. Channels are record enabled, and monitoring is on, but the channel shows no indication of audio even coming through.

I suspect I am not connecting input busses properly, but I’ve hit a wall with troubleshooting. I would appreciate any help.

And your OS is…? Mojave…? :unamused:

I guess that everything is connected as it should, which means that the synth is connected as following.

  • For a synth directly played as a keyboard :
Clarett 8Pre (MIDI output) ---> Synth MIDI input
Clarett 8Pre (MIDI input) <--- Synth MIDI output
  • For a synth played via a master keyboard (MK) :
Clarett 8Pre (MIDI output) ---> Synth MIDI input
Clarett 8Pre (MIDI input) <--- MK MIDI output

Additionally, the audio outputs of the synth should be connected as an audio source to one of the Clarette 8Pre Mic/line inputs pair.

This checked, you need basically two tracks with the following routing :

  • a MIDI one to record what you are playing. For it, you must choose the MIDI input port of the Clarett 8Pre as Input routing and the MIDI output port of the Clarett for the Output routing. Additionally, be sure that the MIDI channel of this track matches the MIDI receive channel of your synth.
  • an audio track to hear in Cubase what you are playing and eventually record the audio signal that you can process after. You must choose the Clarett 8Pre Audio input pair used for the synth as Input routing and ‘Main out’ as Output routing.

I just checked : it works perfectly, here, setting correctly the monitoring of the two involved tracks. And this will work, no matter the version of Cubase you have.

Now, if you have the ‘Pro’ version, the best is to set your hardware synth as an external instrument : this will allow you to use it as any other instruments in the Studio>VST instruments window and, more interestingly, it will also allow you to make patch scripts to change the presets of your external instrument directly in the track inspector. The process is done in the Studio>Audio connections (Alt+F4) window, fifth pane. Here, I have three external instruments and use them with an ADAT unit connected to my main interface, but the principle is always the same : it consists to create as much instrument as you have and set the return bus accordingly to the audio inputs available on your audio interface. At the end, I have something like this :