No Sound From Kontakt (Dorico Pro 4)

I Have the latest Dorico Pro 4.0.31 on Windows 10.

I’m finding problems routing instruments in the new Play tab. I was able to use the previous ‘Play’ tab with ease but not this new one. Previously I simply matched the channels of the instruments to my score instruments and they played every time.

I’ve followed the Steinberg new play tab video on setting up VST instruments and have loaded Noteperformer and Kontakt. When selecting instruments in the instruments list, the correct channels are highlighted in the VST rack. However, only Noteperformer plays back, not a sound from the Kontakt instrument.

I checked that the Kontakt instrument is playing in the Kontakt interface by pressing notes on the Kontakt keyboard. I also checked the Kontakt endpoint and the correct instrument and channel are listed with a default expression map.

I realise I’m missing something obvious here but I’ve spent ages trying to find it without success. I’d appreciate any help with this Thanks.

Do you definitely have the instruments you expect to be routed to Kontakt routed that way in the Routing section of the inspector in Play mode? You need to expand that section and then make sure that the plug-in and channel are set appropriately for each instrument: select the instrument’s track on the right-hand side in the track overview to see its settings in the inspector.

Hello Daniel, thanks for your very prompt reply. It’s much appreciated. Yes, I have checked and double-checked the routing in the inspector following Anthony’s video.

I have since made some progress. I have now found, by accident, that Kontakt will play any of the score instruments but on channel 1 only. If I select a different channel I have no sound.

I’ll keep checking and trying routing but at least I have it working for this score.

Thanks again.

It may be that you need to configure the outputs in Kontakt so that each channel is routed to a separate output. Please refer to Kontakt’s documentation for how to check the output configuration.