No sound from metronome

hi all,

i’m using cubase pro 8.0.40.

i can’t seem to get the metronome working. i click on ‘click’ in the transport widget, the indicator changes from ‘off’ to ‘on’, but no metronome sounds when i click ‘play’.

in metronome settings, for ‘metronome sounds in …’, i’ve made sure that both the ‘record’ and ‘play’ checkboxes are checked.

still in metronome settings, i want either ‘beeps’ or ‘sounds’ [i.e. not midi output]. selecting ‘beeps’ does nothing. when i select ‘sounds’, cubase allows me to navigate to a folder where i keep sounds, and the sound files are correctly played through my monitors when i click on them from within the navigator. however, after i’ve finished the selection process, the metronome still doesn’t work.

any ideas ?

thanks !

Check the control room (if using Cubase Pro). Since you’ll typically be using a cue mix when you want to hear the headphones, there are on/off buttons for metronome there. The main mix has a button as well. Turns blue when on, with a click level and pan control also lighting up in blue when the metronome is active.


Make sure “Click” is enabled in VST Connections for your output device.

More info:


Hi, i just found out. Click on metronome settings. E next to metronome. Click on top “click sounds” towards the bottom audio click level if its zero or low please increase its a metronome volume adjust where u compfy. Thanks

Thank you!

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Screenshot 2021-07-01 191132
Thank you!, it was in the Control Room…


You don’t need to open the Control Room… it’s in the Transport Bar at the bottom of the screen…

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Agreed, but the “activation” was available only via the control room if use as Monitoring Tool.
In a basic set up (without Control Room) this solution appears to work.
Still try to figure out why not implicitly link. Thank for the input :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this response. I lose that darn metronome every time I start a new project and never remember the button in CR. :blush:

I again stumbled upon that issue (again)…

Just for general interest: the metronome option in the control room is necessary for the fact that cubase lets you choose now individually on which output channel to hear metronome and where not.
In a more complex studio setup, where you have one musician recording and the mixer room it may be essential to hear the click on the headphones (when recording) but to choose not to hear it in the mixer room.
Off course this makes it for smaller homestudios a bit more complex, but that’s the final reason why there are several places to activate the metronome…
So in the main transport bar we activate metronome globally, and if it is active, we can choose in the control room on which output to hear it and where not.

I am using Cubase Artist version 11.0. I am having the same problem where I had the metronome working within a project, but now have lost it. It is activated in the Transport Bar, in the metronome setup page all settings appear to be appropriate. I am using the Steinberg default click set at 120 level, but no click. Is there something comparable to the Control Room in the Artist version? Is there somewhere else I need to look. The Output Bus that I am using is the default “Main Mix” Output Bus. I’m at a loss.

I have read every post on metronome with no sound and have not found the answer to my issue. I am using Artist 11, metronome is activated, audio output selected, Steinberg Default click selected, output level 127, I am using a tempo track. Everything was working fine until I switched some of my out monitor cables around. Now no click no matter what I do.

If you’re not using the Control Room:

Open Metronome Setup to the bottom right of the Project Window (it looks like an e) and choose which audio outputs will play the Metronome sound.


If you can’t find the metronome and its options to the bottom right, right click the Transport at the bottom of the Project Window and make sure that this is enabled:


Thank you so much. I have never had to do that before. I was messing around with output bus configurations, so I guess that may have prompted the issue. On a separate note, that apparently initiated this issue, I was trying to find a way to silence my monitors without turning them on and off. The solution that I came up with was to plug them into output 2 L&R (which is not the “Main Mix” output). This way, I can switch to 2 to listen to the monitors, or switch to Output 1 L&R (which is the “Main Mix” output and has not monitors connected) when I want to record and monitor through headphones. I’m sure there is a better simpler way.



did it for me thx