No sound from metronome

hi all,

i’m using cubase pro 8.0.40.

i can’t seem to get the metronome working. i click on ‘click’ in the transport widget, the indicator changes from ‘off’ to ‘on’, but no metronome sounds when i click ‘play’.

in metronome settings, for ‘metronome sounds in …’, i’ve made sure that both the ‘record’ and ‘play’ checkboxes are checked.

still in metronome settings, i want either ‘beeps’ or ‘sounds’ [i.e. not midi output]. selecting ‘beeps’ does nothing. when i select ‘sounds’, cubase allows me to navigate to a folder where i keep sounds, and the sound files are correctly played through my monitors when i click on them from within the navigator. however, after i’ve finished the selection process, the metronome still doesn’t work.

any ideas ?

thanks !

Check the control room (if using Cubase Pro). Since you’ll typically be using a cue mix when you want to hear the headphones, there are on/off buttons for metronome there. The main mix has a button as well. Turns blue when on, with a click level and pan control also lighting up in blue when the metronome is active.


Make sure “Click” is enabled in VST Connections for your output device.

More info:


Hi, i just found out. Click on metronome settings. E next to metronome. Click on top “click sounds” towards the bottom audio click level if its zero or low please increase its a metronome volume adjust where u compfy. Thanks

Thank you!

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Screenshot 2021-07-01 191132
Thank you!, it was in the Control Room…


You don’t need to open the Control Room… it’s in the Transport Bar at the bottom of the screen…

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Agreed, but the “activation” was available only via the control room if use as Monitoring Tool.
In a basic set up (without Control Room) this solution appears to work.
Still try to figure out why not implicitly link. Thank for the input :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this response. I lose that darn metronome every time I start a new project and never remember the button in CR. :blush: