No sound from MIDI keyboard, even though signal comes through


Not sure where the best place is for this issue, as I am not sure what is causing it, so my apologies if I am going about this the wrong way.

I just got a new audio interface, Steinberg UR22. Came with a copy of Cubase AI, and I bought a MIDI keyboard, the Akai MPK mini.

I spent a couple of hours setting everything up, and was very happy to finally get sound from my MIDI keyboard. I started to mess around going through synths.

The odd thing is, I closed my laptop (not restarted of anything) for about 20 mins, came back, opened it up, and there is no longer any sound. I can see signal coming through - and I can record stuff as I tested it by pressing a few keys, and it registers that, but no sound…I have no idea what I have done.

I am a total noob, and this is my first proper little setup, so there’s a chance I might have something wrong in my settings? Though I was getting sound before. I am also worried that, once I have this problem fixed, I don’t know how to keep these settings ‘saved’, so I don’t have to go through this again.

Any help is seriously appreciated :slight_smile:


It would be worth checking that your output from Cubase is connected to your sound module. Menu - Devices - VST Connections (Shortcut F4 key) will bring up all your routing info. Look at the outputs tab and see if your sound card is shown there. If not, click on where it says “not connected” and add your sound card link.If this works be sure to shutdown Cubase before closing or hibernating your computer and this preference should be saved.
My system & software is different from yours, so I’m guessing this might help. Good luck.

I have recently got the Guitar Recording Kit which includes the UR222 and Cubase 11. I then also got a MPK Mini Mk2 and have the same issue as the chap above. I can see the Midi activity bar pop up when I hit the keys but nothing is coming out of my laptop speakers nor my headphones from the UR22C. I have checked input and outputs and all looks as it shout. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.