No sound from MIDI track with output to default system synth

Hello, I am a newbie trying to switch to Cubase from Cakewalk Sonar. Forgive me if my question is stupid, but I didn’t find an answer in the knowledge base and forums.

I use Cubase Elements 8.0.40 Build 623 (64 bit), trial version, Windows 10.

I created a new blank project, added a MIDI track, then added a part into it and typed some notes in the key editor. The output is routed to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (see the attached image). If I try to play the track, no sound is heard.

But if I switch the output to HALion Sonic SE, the sound appears. I did no other changes in Cubase preferences, only changed the output of a single MIDI track.

Why the difference? How to make Cubase produce sound through default Windows synth? All other software on my PC, including Sonar, works with MS GS Wavetable Synth perfectly, as well as the built-in audio player plays MIDI files with it.

(And please don’t ask why I’m striving for getting the sound from default synth and not from Cubase’s VST instruments.)

MS Waverable synth is a windows device, and thereforer outputs its sound through the audio device defined in the Windows sound options. You can trigger these sounds from Cubase, but you can not get them inside Cubase, other than routing the windows sounds back into Cubase either by loopback, or hardwired cable connection

Thank you svennilenni, but I’m afraid I don’t quite understand…

When I used Cakewalk Sonar, I managed MIDI tracks to output through Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, and there were no issues. MIDI sound generated by that synth was perfectly heard from the dynamics.

Though a screenshot doesn’t provide sound :-), I tried to demonstrate a successful configuration in Sonar that I want to reach in Cubase. (Click on the thumbnail for a full size image.)

In Cubase, I tried to set the same settings, but it failed to make sounds.

Meanwhile, there is one setting in Sonar for which I didn’t find a counterpart in Cubase. In Sonar, it is called Driver Mode, and I get MIDI sound only if it is set to MME, as shown here:

Maybe this is the case? By the way, I have an integrated sound card Realtek HD 4290, which was always sufficient for my needs.

MME = Also Microsoft driver Cubase uses ASIO. You can hear MS Wavetable synth, when you tell windows to play MS Wavetable synth through the audio device used in Cubase - however unless you route the sound back into Cubase, it will always be outside of Cubase, and not be included in mixdowns.

Thank you svennilenni once more, but I still don’t understand how exactly to achieve the sound.

I have installed ASIO4ALL, and Sonar continues to play tracks through this output. I turned on this driver in Cubase (Devices → Device Setup), but nothing changed.

I don’t need to return the sound back to Cubase, I only want to hear it in my dynamics. Could you please explain me step by step what settings I need to perform? What buttons to press, what checkboxes to check, etc?

I think that there is something wrong with my Cubase settings and not on the OS level. If the issue were in Windows, then Sonar had not make sounds, too.

And what does that mean?

unfortunately not giving any info on system or hardware, so I can´t give you a step by step. Apart from that it is as I had written before already - in Cubase the sound output of MS wavetable Synth is determined by the Windows setting - believe it or not.

Sorry, English is not my native language, so I often misuse words. I meant computer speakers, but instead I used the calque from my language.

On the whole, I want the sound from Cubase MIDI tracks to be heard in my speakers.

But I have described my configuration in previous messages, here is the summary:
Cubase Elements 8.0.40 Build 623 (64 bit), trial version, Windows 10.0.14393 x64, integrated sound card ATI Radeon HD 4290.

You should add your confiuration to your forum signature so that it will always show when you post. You do this in the User Control Panel section.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thank you Prock for your suggestion. I added the signature though, unfortunately, I’m not sure whether it will help solve my problem.

Don’t worry. Someone will help you. I have no experiance using the MS Wavetable Synth so I can’t.

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Not sure why you don’t hear it already…assuming you have the realtek set as windows default device the GS synth ought to play.
I know it doesn’t help you but I tried it here on my Audient and it works fine. (As svennilenni says it will work for auditioning only as the sound itself is directly produced in windows and not in Cubase)

Maybe have a play in the Windows sound advanced settings for the realtek…there are options for allowing exclusive control of the device and maybe Windows and Cubase can’t share this device without the correct settings here.

Then you really should start using VST Instruments - yes I know not what you want and not what you asked.

But don´t expect me to read previous messages of you or anyone else, to maybe find some system info there.

Integrated saound card - having known that, I could have saved some of my comments.
My next thought is, that Cubase might be blocking the use of the Realtek card by windows, since it is being used by Cubase.
Steinberg have released a multiclient ASIO driver that might solve this conflict. On the other hand, it is very old already, so I don´t know if it even works on windows 10.
Also try unchecking “Release ASIO driver in background” in device setup somewhere, IIRC (Although I don´t think that will solve anything.

Thanks to all who had participated in this thread. You persuaded me to continue using Cakewalk Sonar and not to try switching to Cubase.