no sound from my keyboard on Cubase pro 8 TRIAL

I can not get my connection to work properly,no sound from my keyboard on Cubase pro 8 TRIAL. but it works on Cubase Elements 8 TRIAL!!
I can see that the midi signal “indicators” midi out activity,audio activities registering signal, but no matter what I do I can not make any sound come out when playing the keys on my Korg O1W.
I have Cubase 8 TRIAL, Yamaha UX16-1, 64 bit Asus PC i5 lap top, and a Korg O1W as my MIDI-keyboard.
MIDI-out-in connections are OK because on Cubase Elements 8 everything it´s OK .
Anyone can help?

Is it possible that you have your midi (or instrument) track assigned to a VST instrument but forgot to choose a sound?

Regards :sunglasses: